Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ox Cards... Success can be painful

This evening I got another order for the Chinese New Year's Year of the Ox Cards, for a pack of ten.

Great news, right?

It was exciting to hear that someone wanted a set, but then I realized how much work I was in for tonight. A round of printing, then laboriously cutting (while the Craft Robo is wonderful, it sometimes has problems with the intricate details of the ox's nostrils and the delicate curve of its tear duct, so I end up having to meticulously cut away at the hanging chads with an exacto knife) and finally assembling each piece, which could easily take up my entire evening.

I can't believe that at one time, I actually had contemplated selling them for $3 each (or $25 for a pack of ten). That would, for the volume discount, be $2.50 for EACH CARD. Simple silly mass-produced cards at Walgreen's cost more than that!

My initial price that I listed was $3.50 each, or $30 for a pack of ten.

After selling my third pack of ten (tonight), I have seriously reconsidered my pricing and upped the price considerably. I'm now giving it a whirl at $8 a card (which is actually pretty standard for something elaborate on etsy). The volume discount is $60 for a pack of ten.

We'll see how that flies.

Meanwhile, there are tiny little white spirals of ox nostrils scattered all over my dining room table...

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