Saturday, January 17, 2009

My date with the axe murderer

I tend to be somewhat impetuous. There's a reason why Tad and I make a good team. He's the safe parent. I'm the one who lets her two-year old boys play with unsafe pointy metal things ("You let them play with KNITTING NEEDLES????"). The boys and I would likely have not made it this far without Tad's safe and patient intervention.

I've been watching etsy closely for a project where I'm asking super-cool etsy sellers to contribute to our school auction, which is coming up in March. 

One local seller's work kept on popping up on the listings. He was selling a cut-paper rib cage with a paper heart suspended in it. A very unique Valentine's greeting.

Anyway, I contacted him, asking him for a contribution. At the same time, I couldn't resist asking him if he had a digital cutter. I could not imagine doing all that intricate cutting by hand. To my surprise, that was exactly what he did do.

So this is where I finally get back to the "Molly is a little bit impulsive" part of the thread. 

After a couple of etsy conversations, I invited him over so I could demonstrate my craft robo to him.

I did ask him to promise that he wasn't an axe murderer. He did, however it occurred to me that this was exactly what an axe murderer would tell me.

I was a bit embarrassed to have to relate to the husband what I'd done, but he must be getting used to me by now as he just shook his head resignedly and told me that he'd be sure to be at home when the potential serial killer showed up.

Happily, my fellow paper crafter turned out to be just as he appeared to be and we had a great afternoon comparing notes about projects and watching the craft robo whiz through what would normally take him 30 minutes to accomplish.

Anyway, I think he's convinced that the robo is what he needs to actually be able to produce enough of his valentine to keep up with demand and make a little more than minimum wage.

I'd be really interested to see what else he comes up with in the future!

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