Friday, January 23, 2009

Inspiration from across the pond

I love cards that have unexpected action and find my inspiration in a variety of different places. I recently discovered a UK firm specializing in unusual promotional materials. This stuff blows my mind. Here's just one video:

Very clever, well-executed ideas. I am trying to figure out how these mechanisms work -- it inspires me to reach a little farther in my paper engineering efforts!

Check out their website for absolutely a treasure trove of wonderful items:


cpeep said...

Do you have the book, Elements of Pop Up by David Carter? It's in there.

You can get a pattern for the mechanism from his site. Let me know if you can't figure out how it goes together, I have that book.

Scroll down to page 7-35 and 7-35a to print out the pieces and the base.



Molly said...

I do have that book (and love, love, love it -- on of my favorite all time popup how-to books) -- actually the duck one is one I figured out (with help from David Carter), but there are a bunch of others I'm working on...