Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Craft Robo: My secret weapon!

I use a Craft Robo to cut out my cards. I could not be making cards for sale without it -- I just could not justify the amount of labor it would take to cut each item by hand. Also, despite my extreme persnicketiness about cutting accuracy, I simply cannot match the precision of the robo, which is very necessary for cards like the Circus/Carnival invitations, where just an additional millimeter or so in the wrong place can make the wheel stick.

The Craft Robo makes it possible to very quickly mock up my ideas and try many different things. Plus, once I've designed a piece, I can easily mass produce them.

See the above video posted by etsy for their community to learn about this amazing tool and read the accompanying article.

Here's a link to a Craft Robo wiki that I started (the only downside to the robo is that it's not very well documented, leading me to a ton of trial and error. I wanted to put my hard-earned knowledge in one place and hope that others will also contribute)

Interested? Post a comment and give me a way to contact you! I would love to hear from you!

(I know I promised a blog posting today about the secret slider card, but I promised the guy who wrote the article to link from my blog -- he was kind enough to include links to my cards from the article as examples)


Dave said...

I have to say, after hearing about the merits of the Craft Robo for months, I now understand the excitement. The video was fascinating to watch. Now I get it.

I didn't get the "craft gene" but I can certainly see how this has become your favorite toy.


Jessica Eiden Smedley said...

Must. Get. Craft. Robo.