Sunday, January 4, 2009

My First Circus Invitation Sale!

I have had my first sale of the circus invitations!

It's funny that this is the first sale of these invitations ever, because, of all my listings, this one generates, by far, the most interest. I can see this by how many people view my blog postings about them.

Anyway, Lena was my first circus invitation customer, ordering 50 invitations. She asked for, and received, a few customizations, including a "Ringling Brothers" type logo treatment for her kids' names for the back of the card, the addition of a clown to the images that appear in the tent doorway, and, of course, her children's faces added to the images.

They came out great!

It took me FOREVER to print out, cut and assemble all the invitations, work that I spread out over several days. After many hours of work, I had to wonder if I were making at least minimum wage.

Still, it was satisfying to finally put the package together for her. In addition to the 50 ordered invitations, I included all the comps that I created before we got one that was approved (five extra cards), stickers for the backs of the envel0pes with the exclusive type treatment that I designed for her and a few bonus envelopes (I always mess up on one or two envelopes when I'm addressing them).

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Dave said...

You are on a roll! I'm sure it had nothing to do with that great advice you got from a fellow blogger to split your blogs into two.

Congrats. I hope the day job doesn't get in the way too much!