Friday, February 20, 2009

Crafty Wonderland Here We Come!

Crafty Wonderland is a FABULOUS local craft fair, held right here in beautiful Portland!

After going to the last show, I felt determined to sign up for a booth later on this year.

My friend Wendy, she of DoggoneKnitting fame (SUPER adorable dog collars, leashes and accessories) has done the fair twice and had a wonderful time each time.

Not only did she sell a few items, she also made some wonderful Portland crafty friends.

The allotted spaces are 4' x 4' -- just enough room for a small table and a chair to sit behind.

Wendy sent me to Lowe's and told me to buy a 2' x 4' table. Then we'd work on my display.

Lowe's didn't have tables of that size (why would anyone something that amounted to half of a card table? It seems to be such an odd size), however, next to folding tables was a baker's rack on sale.

Tad's helpfully Vanna'ing for us, above (or just schmoozing into my photo).

The whole thing folds flat. It's a little awkward because it's rather long and a little heavy, but look at all the space I have for display! WAY better than a dinky little half of a card table! And the wrought iron look works really well with the fake wrought iron plate easels I found at the Dollar Tree.

I'm going to make paper garland-type signs to drape over the back of the shelves. Tons of space to decorate!

Sooooo.... got another project to work on! We're shooting for signing up for the May show (we'll hit the Mother's Day crowd) so this gives me a little time to finish up my Mother's Day card and hopefully work up a few other cards besides...


Wendy said...

Cute that will work!

Molly said...

Yay! Wendy approves.... on the right track!