Monday, February 9, 2009

Pop-up Bouquet

I thought I was clever, finding this fun pop-up video on my own, but my fellow blogger at Extreme Cards already had and had already distilled it into a clear, concise tutorial:

and created a snowflake variation:

This is an impressive technique. Mother's Day cards anyone?


Wendy said...

I couldn't do it. I am definitely not a paper crafter. Good thing I can sew.

Tyson said...
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Sandra Maccaferri said...

Hi, my name is Sandra. I live in Modena, Italy.
I love paper craft.I'm a primary school teacher but I'm retired now (just last september) : I made a lot of origami works in my class, my children and me.
I arrived here looking for a model of a pop-up card: tomorrow my son will be 37 years old!
You have a very nice blog.
Sorry for my english.