Saturday, February 14, 2009

etsy greetings

I found a wonderful blog resource for the budding etsy card entrepeneur (yes, there are many of us!).

It's This is a blog that you can join to get tips, showcase your work, get feedback and support for your endeavors and just enjoy a bit of community.

Take a look and be wowed by some of the wonderful talent!

If you're a card-making entrepeneur, check some of the older postings. There's a ton of great stuff on how to market your wares.

This is one of the wonderful things about the etsy community that I love the most: while potentially we are competitors for our market, there's a sense of kinship and sisterhood (we're mostly, but not all, women) that encourages us all to help one another.

I've applied to be part of the group, but they only review new applications every few months. The next review cycle is in early March, so fingers crossed til then!

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