Monday, February 2, 2009

One good turn deserves another

Like many companies in these economic times, my company is going through its share of economic difficulties. Something I've been through more than once in the past few weeks is having to say good-bye to fellow co-workers.

One of these coworkers is Chinese, like me. I knew that she'd appreciate my Chinese New Year's Year of the Ox Cards, so I whipped one out to show her. She was so impressed with it that I insisted that she keep it, as a parting gift.

She was delighted and when she returned, she showed it to other coworkers.

One of these is a miniature pig buff, who contacted me to see if I would be willing to create a set of pig cards for her annual National Pig Day event (yes, there IS actually a national pig day -- better start your shopping now!).

The result is the prancing pig card that I've just posted to etsy. Take a look!

So, the moral is: be generous with your work and the universe will reward you.


Noret'z said...

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David.Wiederrich said...

Molly, you are unbe-freeking-lieveable! The hits just keep on comin'!!!