Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Mother's Day Card

Okay, I KNOW I was working on the Seven-Flower Rose Bouquet Pop-Up card for Mother's Day, but I got a little sidetracked with another idea.

It came together so quickly that I just posted it for sale on etsy!

It's a little early for Mother's Day cards, but we'll see what happens, eh? I left the Mother's Day sentiment off so that you can actually give this to your mom just because you happen to love her.

How it works: The text tells the recipient "Mom, there are a million reasons why I think you're awesome. Here are just three.."

The (hopefully) delighted mom turns the wheel on the right. As she does, the number in the round window changes from 1 to 2, then three. There is space on the card for card-giver to write down three different reasons why their mom stands out from the herd.

I really like this one.

The floral illustration (from iStockphoto -- I should buy stock in that site, I've spent so much in imagery lately) is TOTALLY gorgeous. I had originally purchased it for the rose image to use in my pop-up bouquet card.

Interested in seeing the other images or finding out more? Check out the listing on etsy!

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