Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Italian Wedding Invitations?

How do these people find me?

I had a woman contact me all the way from Italy wanting a version of the Three Reasons card to be used as wedding invitations. 

Information about the wedding would appear in the main window as you turn the wheel.

This could be cute!

She and her fiance have a beautiful baby girl, named Amelie, and she sent me some photos of the three of them to get an idea of their style.

When people ask me to design something new, I generally go to istockphoto.com and find an assortment of images that I think might work and send them along. She might love one or two pieces or might suggest that she likes one style but the colors on another. Hopefully something will spark some interest which will help to give me guidance on the rest of the imagery and design.

I found more than a dozen potential images and sent them her way for review... we'll see what happens!

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