Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mother's Day Promotion!

Remember when I was all excited about joining the etsygreetings team? This is a group of card-makers who sell on etsy. The group bands together, has an active blog that links back to our shops and blogs and keeps members all on track with discussion boards (discussions range from good vendors for clear plastic sleeves to posts about wholesale and how to deal with the pricing differences).

It's been SOOOO much fun being part of a group!

I really love all that I'm doing, but joining a team like this gives me a place to go for questions, advice and inspiration.

That recent post about a card-making Crafternoon? That was a complete panic as I'd signed up to write an article for the blog and discovered the night before it was to be posted that I was up (you can see the same post on the etsygreetings blog).

Anyway, I'm determined to be a very active member of the group.

A new activity this month is a special Mother's Day promotion. Free shipping! You can find shops participating in the promotion by searching on etsy for "EGMOM" -- this brings up all of our Mother's Day cards (hundreds to choose from), like the one I have pictured above.

Details about this offer should be available in the shop's description (some of the offers differ). This is what mine says:

"Mother's Day is May 10! Check out the EtsyGreetings Mom's Day promotion starting April 13. FREE SHIPPING when you purchase 2 or more cards from my shop (they don't have to all be Mother's Day cards). I'll refund shipping thru Paypal."

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