Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Looking to host a fun gathering? Consider a Crafternoon!

The crafternoon is a party where you get to make things. It might be completely unstructured (people bring whatever they happen to be currently working on to share with the group) or it can involve the entire group making the same project.

It's a wonderful way to build community and friendships and make some cool stuff at the same time.

In past years, I've hosted crafty parties in which we made rolled beeswax candles with lovely labels for holiday gifts, knit adorable felted flowers and made mini bound books.

I recently had a gathering in which we made very simple and lovely notecards.

I purchased some pre-cut cardstock that, when folded in half, fit nicely into the small envelopes I'd purchased. I also provided color-coordinated labels that I'd precut and pop-dots.

Completing the project was simple. Guests simply picked out pretty patterned card stock, folded them in half, found a label that worked well with the colors and attached them with pop dots.

A more elaborate project might have included other materials (ribbons, cut-outs, etc) to make more creative cards, but the simplicity of these cards was soothing and just perfect for a group of women looking to escape the ordinary bustle of their everyday lives.

Interested in this activity? Here's everything you need

Ask your guests to bring some snacks and perhaps some wine, put on some crafty music and you've got yourself one top-notch Crafternoon!

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