Saturday, April 4, 2009

Take THAT! card

Remember this card? With the... expressive gesture that I had  inadvertently animated?

I figured out how to use it in a way that I think would be inoffensive to just about everybody.

My friends, Sue and Sarah were separately diagnosed and treated for breast cancer this past year. They're doing well, but it was hard to see them go through this and not be able to express my thoughts to them with a typical get well card -- nothing seemed right.

This card, with its strong, gutsy "you can't keep me down" attitude says what I haven't been able to say.

I think this would work for other kinds of diseases, as well, where you are trying to encourage a loved one to fight their hardest.

Once I got the idea, the rest of the card came together quite quickly and I was able to post it for sale this afternoon on etsy.

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David.Wiederrich said...

Brilliant! This could be a wonderful source of encouragement for anyone fighting anything. Pick the disease and this card will pick them up!

Don't forget the "Dark Side of the Force." I'm part of a family that thrives on insulting birthday cards. What if this were a, let's say, 50th Birthday card? A strong message to 50, old age, AARP, any sort of age-related reference may work. Not very insulting to the recipient, but a great age statement!

Well done.